Mesh routers

Anyone install a mesh router at home? Our home isn’t large, but it’s U-shaped, so I have over 100Mbps in my office, and down to <20 in the living room sometimes. I’m not super mechanically inclined, but I’m wondering if this is a solution.

Here’s one I found:

I have also been thinking about this, so I’ll piggyback on your question. My problem, though, is that they all seem to require the use of a cell phone to set up. I have somewhere between very poor and no cell service at my house and wondered if there is work around for that.

Do they require the actual cell signal or just that you have a smartphone you can connect to your home wireless network?

I am looking to replace my existing Netgear router. Unless you run the mesh through your existing router, which you can do, you have to disconnect the router to attach the mesh and there will be no wifi.

I have the Orbi. They’re expensive for what they do. You want one with a dedicated back haul.

You use the cell to set it up but it’s wifi. You can have zero signal. It uses the wifi channel

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