Math is difficult for this guy

I think people have always been this dumb. The internet exposed a lot of them, now Tik Tok is exposing the rest. This guy wants people to get paid every hour…lol!

A great line from the Simpsons is Homer buying a RV, the salesman tells him the payment is $300 a month and Homer groans and says he can’t afford that. The salesman asks if he could afford $10 a day, Homer says yes, gives a “WooHoo” and drives off in his new RV.

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I say why stop at paying people every hour, people should be handed some change every minute they’re working.

Most people budget their bills on a monthly schedule, when you get paid shouldn’t matter unless someone is living check to check, but unless they save they won’t have enough for the big bills like rent.

When I see this I can’t help but remember Clark Howard’s old advice on making bi-weekly credit card payments and how many who saw that thought if they made two half-payments a month they would pay off the debt much sooner.

We need a thread on mortgage acceleration programs, haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Technically this is a true statement for people that carry balances, because it reduces accrued interest.

I guess he’s lucky he wasn’t being paid semi-monthly.

In the video, Kyle stitched TikToker user @deonte00_, who said, “Bi-weekly paychecks should be illegal. I don’t bi-weekly work gimme my money.”

He could extrapolate it down to the hour or minute if he wanted to.

I got about three sentences in and realized I would get dumber by reading it.

No disagreement there, but making half a payment twice a month won’t reduce the interest all that much. Many people heard 1/2 a payment every 14 days and took that as twice a month and thought that would reduce their payoff time by a lot.

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