Massive internet outage: FedEx, Delta and McDonald's go down

A sweeping internet disruption on Thursday briefly took out a wide range of major corporate websites — from FedEx and Delta Air Lines to HSBC and McDonald's.

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Yahoo is down.

Wow, how will we search for things in 1997 now?

From the link, my caps: “recent outages have cause some experts to warn of theinternet’s reliance on a relatively small number of core INFRASTRUCTURE providers.” Apparently, your link’s experts recognize that the internet is part of the infrastructure, unlike the GOP in the Senate.

Funny, but I still use my original Yahoo email address and the home page is actually a good repository of news articles.

Next time do a little research.

From the link;

" The plan would provide $65 billion to make improvements to the country’s broadband system."

Same here. I still have my 25-26 year old yahoo email address, plus a few others.

$65 billion is peanuts compared to what would probably be needed. And that bill still has a long way to go before passage. The Senate has already whittled down the original 2.25 trillion proposal to $579 billion. And the $65 billion is nearly half of what was originally requested for internet.

$65 billion is $65 billion more than you thought was in there before I told you.

So now you want Akami to get federal funds to expand their cdn?

The issue here was the cdn from what I can tell. That happened to fastly a few weeks ago

I have no idea how yahoo stays in business. Same with AOL.

The republicans are for real infrastructure including the internet, they are against lefty wish list garbage. Roads, bridges and high speed internet are infrastructure, “free” daycare for irresponsible people isn’t.

I am opposed to spending it on rural areas. We already pay a tax to fund rural areas. Force the companies to use that money.

IMO Starlink will solve that problem in a couple years.

We pay taxes to find everything, rural internet is no different.

We already pay the tax and goes into a fund. Companies don’t want to build it because there is little demand. Even with free money they haven’t built it out.

Biden is pushing something that the market won’t support and people don’t want

I live just close enough to small town to have ATT. Its just enough for me and about $50/month. My SIL lives just a mile down the dirt road. They have a sat internet company. Its pretty limited on speed and total download. They run out of their package in about 2 weeks and then go dark the last 2 weeks in the month.

I recently looked into starlink. It will be in my area very soon. It’s $500 upfront equipment cost and $100 per month. I think I will stick to my $50 att service that is satisfactory for the time being. Also living in tornado ally, we get tons of very severe thunderstorms in the spring. Normal sat TV loses signal. I would assume that the starlink will do the same?

I’d support the companies using the money, but I’m not sure they can be forced to do so. If it’s like much govt funding, the company has to initiate the action and they don’t because it won’t cover the cost. It is a serious problem here, especially when the schools use online education. There were numerous news stories about kids driving for an hour or more to find some place where they could get a cell signal or wifi, and then spending a few hours in the car. I don’t live that far from things, and in a nicer area than many of those kids, but I don’t get a cell signal at home because of the terrain.

In most cases, no.

The problem is once you build it, you have to maintain it and the demand isn’t there which means the prices are high.

This is just basic economics.

How much private income is required to generate this paltry $65 billion in tax revenue being handed out? I’m guessing average marginal rate across all entities at 15%, so that makes near $450 billion income required just for this “peanuts”. Very sobering…

Mercy, me.

I can’t be the only person here who still has an AOL email address. You kids are making me feel old.