Making a Comeback

What has been discontinued in your lifetime that you wish would make a comeback?

Working hard and personal responsibility.


The Toyota Tercel. I bought a 1997 Tercel when it was one year-old and had 15,000 miles on it. I got eighteen years out of that car and it had just passed 300,000 miles before it went to the auto graveyard in the sky. That car got great mileage and was easy to park. It was great for the car I drove myself most often.

If they came out with that again I would get one.

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I work with a guy that had a 2000 Corolla that had over 300k miles he just got rid of last year. Seriously under powered and plain but was cheap to drive and it got him to work for 20 years.

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A small thing, but I liked these.


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I think that’s what my friend has. She just got rid of it. Hers was a 90 something.

I miss when you could call a company and have a person answer the phone in a reasonable amount of time. Then they would either resolve your problem or refer you to someone who could.

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sadly, that has been lost to shareholder value. It’s not a companies job to hire people…it’s to serve shareholders. And eliminating a real person might inconvenience customers, where are they gonna go to have an actual person answer the phone.

I will say that my brother is an exception. He’s a stockbroker and he will not use an automated call tree. If you call his office, you either get him or his assistant.

And increased govt regulation like COVID lockdowns

Small caps have been hurt by $15/min wage as large companies could automate their employees away

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A solution could be if you call a company and want to talk to a human you can pay a small service charge to do so. To me it’s easier to use online customer service than wait in the queue to talk to a human that may or may not be able to help me.

For most things I like to go online or use the companies app. Friday I ordered pizza and used the restaurants app. They have my address, credit card info, track my rewards points and it took less than a minute. Calling during busy times could take 10 minutes between waiting on hold and ordering.

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