MAGA for kids

This would be funny if these people weren’t actually serious.

I don’t see an issue with books to teach your values.

The issue is a choice he doesn’t agree with.

No, the issue here is these are really crappy books.

Actually your link disputes that.

Books not geared toward kids at all. The link discusses that in depth.

Maybe conservatives kids read at a higher level ?

Data would not suggest that.

I’d love to see that data.

The first line of the link is “the books aren’t bad”.
You said they were.

Yes, yes.

As soon as I saw that these books were by Dana Loesch I had one of my sons order the book for one of my great grandchildren.

She’s so good on the radio, I had no idea she wrote books too.

You mean this guys kids?

Screenshot from 2022-09-02 18-54-52

Maybe his kids are quite brilliant. It’s wrong to judge his chikldren on his appearances.

Maybe so…but there are a LOT of conservatives that look like this guy.

A lot of liberals look that way as well.

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