Love this photo

Yep. Only ones in the photos, which are supposed to represent original casts.

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Jackie’s fault he’s dead She should have let him marry Darryl Hanna and it would have been president

I never met him and I wish I had.

My ex-wife coworker lived next to robin Williams. They socialized often.

He use to go the purple onion unannounced and do shows.

I just never ran into him but I’ve been told it was common for people in the city to just run into him.

@mcarley - I think Robin Williams was a great comedic actor but was even better in his serious roles such as Dead Poets Society.

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I never realized this until I saw this photo. The actress who played the young version of Cece Bloom in the movie Beaches is the same actress who played Amy on The Big Bang Theory.

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**Back in 1984, astronaut Bruce McCandless, does the first untethered spacewalk from the Challenger Space Shuttle. **

Who is this actor?

Joe Pesci, that’s a WAG.

@branchkin - He is not Joe Pesci. It is a photo of an actor before he became famous for starring in.a TV series, as well as a number of movies. If you put your hand over his hair and imagine him as a middle aged man it will be easier to recognize him.

Danny Devito

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@Sister -WTG. You are correct :+1:

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What is the relationship between the actors in these six photos.

married to each other with a big bang


I took these photos when we were on a whale watching excursion in Icy Point Alaska during one of our cruises to Alaska


Who is this?

Hint - this young boy grew up to be an actor who starred in movies as well as TV series

Who is this

Hint - This young boy grew up to be an actor who currently plays the role of a police sargeant

These two costars of an eighties sitcom are now 77 and have the same birthday


Meredith Baxter
Alan Gross

close - It is Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross

This is a then and now photo