Love Songs

On another message board I have frequented for decades, they started a thread about love songs. that was 5 years ago and it is still active. And it was active because many of us posted several songs over the years. And face it…we all have a ton of love songs that we know. So I thought I’d try to see if we might be able to keep a similar thread going here.

I’ll start with a song by a young guy who doesn’t realize that 70 isn’t all that old.

You may hate her politics, but the woman can sing

One of my favorite songs, lesser known. Scott Miller and Patty Griffin.

This is my last one for the night.

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This one hits pretty close to home for me. Both songs have the same message.

I do hate her politics. But I hate her narcissistic personality much more.

But…the woman can sing. But the intent of this thread was to post love songs that mean something to you.

Many artists have covered the beautiful love song “Stranger in Paradise” from the Broadway Musical “Kismet” but this original version by Richard Kiley and Doretta Morrow is my favorite

Here are the first two that popped into my head:

From my home town:

A 1936 song that has been recorded so many times that there is a CD of 23 versions. I still like this one the best.

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In 1962, two years after his partner Oscar Hammerstein II died, Richard Rodgers wrote both the music and lyrics for the Broadway Musical “No Strings”. This play was about an inter-racial couple, played by Diahann Carroll and Richard Kiley, who met in Europe. However, the play never even mentions race. but instead focused on the problems that a New York City girl and country boy from Maine would face if they got married. Yet the message that this play was trying to convey was obvious. One of the things I loved about Rodgers and Hammerstein was their unique way of addressing social issues while entertaining audiences with beautiful music. So it was nice to see how Richard Rodgers continued their legacy on his own.