Little things to make you happy

Tim Tebow is back in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick is still whining.

The one who could actually play is still out.

Tebow won’t be on the game day roster.

The one who is willing actually prove he can still play was signed.

Straight answer. Is he as good as he thinks he is?

Don’t watch sports but I’ve been told he’s an OK player.

I think he needs to be in the roster for 6 games to be eligible for NFL pension.
I think Urban Meyer will do it “just because he can”.

No, at his best he was between a starter and a backup.
He had the chance to get overpaid, and he had several chances to be a solid backup. He thought he was better than that.

Kaep started his career very well, started in a Super Bowl and almost won. As sometimes happens, teams figured out some of his weaknesses, so at the end, he was a work in progress. But he was still a starter. Since then, he hasn’t been demanding to start, but no team has been willing to sign him. You could argue he isn’t a great QB, but he’s certainly worthy of a roster spot, especially since so many guys who are awful or inexperienced get chances.

Tebow was just plain awful as a QB, in practice and in games. He was enthusiastic, and got lucky a couple of times, but could not make NFL throws. He had a chance with at least one team to switch to tight end, but refused. He had multiple chances and whiffed at them all, for football reasons. He tried baseball for a while, but didn’t make it. I have no issue with them giving him another shot at tight end, but it’s been around a decade now, so his chances of making the roster are probably not high.

The distinction here is one got drummed out of football for political reasons, then blackballed when he could still play. The other got multiple chances, but couldn’t play and refused until recently to make the position switch that might have allowed him to be successful.

To my knowledge, he has not turned down any actual offers.

It would sell tickets, something the Jags need to do.

Off the top of my head Seattle and Denver.
Baltimore would have signed him if his girlfriend hadn’t made racist comments about Ray Lewis.

The NFL set up a try out for him that he flaked on.

Denver definitely did not offer him a spot. People mix things up. They tried to trade for him once, we’ll before the anthem stuff, and he refused to take a pay cut the Broncos demanded. They never made him another offer.

To my knowledge, Seattle did not offer him a spot either.

Before or after?

I can’t comment on his game play as I don’t know. The people that said he was OK didn’t care about his politics. They weren’t impressed with his skills

They also said Tebow is more hype than substance.

The one thing the two have in similar is they’re both a “brand”.

Seattle also did not offer Kaep a spot. People like to make these things up to pretend he was given chances. He was not.

I don’t know if Kaep can be a pro bowler, but he was clearly good enough for a roster spot. The Broncos wanted to trade for him—before the controversy—but wanted the 49ers to absorb part of his salary. The 49ers refused and Kaep refused to take a pay cut, which made perfect sense, and he played for the 49ers that year, without incident. The team voted him a courage award at the end of the year, which suggests he was not a locker room problem. Kaep has had zero offers to play since the 49ers let him go, even as a backup.

Tebow was apparently good as a college QB ( I don’t follow college ball much) and had a certain charisma, but he had a weird throwing motion and couldn’t make NFL throws. He had a couple of lucky plays with the Broncos, but clearly only got on the field because fans demanded it. The Broncos solved the problem by signing a future hall of famer (P. Manning). Tebow had chances with at least two other teams, but couldn’t make it. Belichick gave him a shot to switch to TE, but he refused. Now, the Jags, with Tebow’s college coach at the helm, is giving him another shot.

MCarley is right. Kaepernick never got any offers after he opted out of his contract with San Francisco. If he had received offers, he would have had no basis whatsoever for his collusion grievance.

No, he is starting his second career as an author.

What was his win-loss record in his last 2 seasons?

Dear lord.

I am open-minded to how things could be different but no police or prisons?

Now I did have an interesting conversation with a guy who believed in community prisons. I can say his idea needed to be fleshed out more but generally, it seemed like an interesting concept.

I have not done much research on the topic and while his claim is that it would save money, it would radically make it more expensive.

Instead of large prisons, there are more smaller prisons in the communities. The whole goal is to keep the prisoner near family and to rehabilitate the prisoner. If the prisoner is following the rules and doing well, they can work a job, go out to dinner, etc.

I believe this is based on iceland or Greenland model. It is where they still go to prison at night to sleep or if they can’t follow the rules but otherwise get to lead fairly normal lives.

This goes back to the topic, are prisons to punish or to keep the community safe? The idea is that by allowing them to work, they can integrate into society better but can also help pay for their prison time.

I do think our current system is broken. As in it provides little value for compared to the cost.