We are on automatic delivery with our home heating oil company. They determine when we need a delivery by a formula they use based on degree day usage, but this formula is not perfect… So whenever our oil tank gets dangerously low I call them and they usually make an oil delivery before we run out of oil. We are now down to sixty gallons, which won’t last long in this weather, so I called them and they said they will make an oil delivery soon. Hopefully, they will make a delivery before we run out of fuel oil, but if they don’t and there is damage to our house, such as frozen pipes, for running out of oil would they be responsible for it.

Maybe call another Company for this one time. Been a while since I had heating oil. May be able to deliver to you within 3 to 4 days.

Payless - I have a service contract with this company that states that if I ever get oil from another company it will void the contract. The only reason why I have a service contract is because in this area if you don’t have a service contract it would be almost impossible to get someone to make an emergency call in a timely manner if your furnace broke down.

Okay, didn’t know that there was language like that in the contract. Last time I used heating oil was about 23 years ago.

Not sure if it is true or not but when there is not much oil left in the tank could be asking for trouble. That is where there is crud and could possibly plug up the burner in the furnace. Your situation, I guess you have no choice though.

How much do you normally use in a month? I am just curious because I heat on propane. There are similar contracts vs will call for getting more but I am typically will call. Many of the propane suppliers are going to the service model vs delivery model. Sure you can get cheaper through someone else but if you need service your SOL. I personally do any LP repairs myself which are pretty rare. I typically get the first fill of the year in the summer. All subsequent fills that I need, I refill myself off of my 3,000 gallon tank.

I typically use 400-600 gallons per year of LP for home heating.

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