Letters to the Editor: Supreme Court justices are acting like religious clerics

I am putting this letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times under Humor, for good reason.

This line here deserves it;

“putting the United States in league with Uganda.”


I wonder if the writer is actually aware that Uganda is killing gay people because they are gay.

My honest guess is that at least half of regular Democrat voters agree with that view of things.

And I am estimating conservatively (no pun intended).

Yup, stricter anti-gay rules recently went into effect. Being gay itself isn’t a crime but promoting homosexuality is punishable by death. But there is no standard for ‘promotion’.

We have a good friend who emigrated from Uganda. He has regularly returned to visit family and his family has advised him not to return for at least 3 more years (and they were tied into the old government). Just a couple of weeks ago, an ISIS related group from the Congo came into Uganda, attacked a school and killed 38-40 students, then headed back to the Congo. It’s not a good place to be right now.

Ive been to africa exactly once (the Nile and cairo) and while that was great, i dont need to go back. Ive got friends that are gaga over safaris, SA, and hiking kilimanjaro but ive never had an interest in any of that.

Egypt has been on my list for a long time. Every time we start talking about going, some tourists get killed or something else happens there that convinces us to wait awhile. We’ve waited a long while now and likely won’t make the trip. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to go to Antarctica and she keeps saying that I should go ahead.

Sounds fun. I wonder when you do it, you’ll be like the view is great but this is boring. I think there’s only a few months you can take the trip since conditions are so harsh. Sounds like a great but frigid adventure

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