Let them eat cake!

We have our Marie Antoinette of this generation.
AOC went to the Met Gala that cost $35,000 per ticket in a dress designed by someone that sells shoes for over $1000 and purses over $1000.

Link to the designers website.

Don’t forget it was a $30,000 donation required just to get a seat. No idea if her campaign paid that, it was a gift of a lobbyist, or the gala let her in for free.

According to the twits on Twitter trying to defend her, someone gave her the ticket

Can’t imagine why she was advocating for congressional pay raise.

I realize that since I hold more liberal views these days that many would consider me to be in lockstep with AOC and ‘the squad’ (sounds like a 60’s crime show). Personally, I hope AOC loses her next election. I hope another Democrat challenges her for her seat and wins the primary and general election. She is the Democratic equivalent of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green - pretty much in it for themselves. If she wants to make a name for herself, stay in DC, introduce legislation and fight for it’s passage and then point to that as your biggest accomplishment instead the amount of donations you get from areas outside her congressional district.

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Unfortunately, you could say that about most House and Senate members.

Perhaps. But I live in a red county in a red state but the congresswoman for my district is a Democrat. And you never hear about her because she has done more for the people in her district that AOC has done for hers, and she has not sought the national spotlight. She’s been called out by AOC’s staff for not getting on board. And AOC ends up HURTING representatives like her because the GOP personalizes everything. They really can’t sling the mud at her though because they tried that the first time she ran to demonize her because she’s a lesbian. She came out and said “yep…I am. Next issue?” But now the GOP can run against AOC and “the squad”, even though she has nothind in common with them except that she is a woman.

My hope is that after Lucas finishes his Mayoral term he primaries Cleaver.
Then the area would have two moderate House Reps that would work together to get things done.

A different democrat will still vote the same as AOC, so what’s the difference?

BTW AOC is in the spotlight because the mainstream media put her there and that’s where she wants to be.