Larry having another beery bad day…

next, he’ll accuse Biden of wanting to put a carbon tax on petroleum-based Scotch.

Kudlow is an example of someone that rose WAY above their competence.

The Peter Principle, which was accurate at the time, no longer applies to the corporate world because in the private sector incompetent employees now get fired. Unfortunately, though, it still applies to government employees.

In the private sector it is now called “failing upwards” and I’ve had several bosses who did that. And not to nitpick, but Kudlow worked his way up Wall Street.

As you might be prone to say, “that was sure the fuck among the world’s shortest trips”. :innocent:

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Actually its all Fox talent running with this story, and I use that term loosely. On Thursday the Daily Mail (UK rag) ran a story saying Biden wants Americans to cut 90% of their red meat intake and Fox ran with it Friday morning. Thing is, there’s no truth to the story, only John Robert’s aired a retraction today on the story.

I’m going to miss knowing that animals WERE harmed during the process of making beer.

Why Biden, why?

I do like a good Milk Stout.
Does that count?

So did the talk radio I listen too. I took it as hyperbole. They came up with the red meat idea where you’d have to line up and get your monthly ration of hamburger meat instead of being able to go to a burger joint. This was claimed to be in an effort to combat climate change.

If you take the hyperbole off the air, Fox News will have 90% of its airtime to fill.

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And there would be an end to racism.

True and I think that would be a good thing to get rid of it. I don’t see the MSM as interested in getting rid of its hyperbole.

There would. The argument of systemic racism is hyperbole and those who use it have no idea that systemic racism only occurs when Marxists try to pass laws creating equal outcome by discriminating against the privileged groups of people

How is Fox News, one of the highest rated networks, not part of the MSM?

We saw in the last election that it was.

Silencing dissent and “disinformation” rather than merely reporting the news and correcting error

When the truth became politicized, we were all in trouble

That’s literally been their MO for their entire existence. They’re the PR arm for the Republican party.

Thats something I never understood, until recently Fox smoked the other news networks but they were never subject to the MSM label.

Good point. I think it was because they were perceived as the conservative alternative to the MSM. But that distinction is limited to their nighttime lineup as well as Fox Business, DailyWire, PJMedia, and NewsMax that consistently have a conservative bias in their reporting and column.

ReasonTV is a good moderate source, more informative than Fox while more conservative than CBS and PBS yet more liberal than Hannity or DailyWire. Of the DailyWire shows, Shapiro is the most moderate and the least likely to spread information that could be false or misleading.

The problem with Fox is this…many of their viewers listen to the news like they would “skim” the headlines of a newspaper…and they view people like Tucker Carlson or HAnnity not as entertainment, but as “analysis” that “gets to the gist of the story”

If you think that phenomenon is exclusive to FOX you are delusional.