Landlords in jail cartoon

Sounds right

Biden is committing an impeachable offense. He said 2 days before that it was unconstitutional and he does it anyway.

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It’s only impeachable if the news media depicts it as such. That’s the only way most of our citizens’ brains can function (if you can even use that word)…to be primed & conditioned & told what to think.

That’s how the Democrats managed to impeach Trump for made up bullshit and not get chased out of town with pitchforks. They brainwashed the plebs with their propaganda media.

I have a feeling if the republicans win the house and senate we are going to be in for some impeachment inquiries.

I hope not, just vote Kamala out in 2024

I would bet against that. There aren’t enough republicans with a spine.

He should be impeached for his open border antics as well. But again no republicans with a spine.

Precisely. Repugs have enabled and empowered the DC Uniparty cabal every bit as much as Democraps have.

The former have purses and bank accounts just like the latter do.

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