KC Mayor Lucas

The KC Star has a story that has the following headline:

If Missouri approves recreational marijuana, how will Kansas react to legal weed in KC metro?

He tweeted;

“They will come over to KC to buy their weed, like they have been doing for decades”

I really like this guy, he is a moderate Democrat that embraces common sense principles.

Back in the 90’s, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation used to park across the street from Gomers on 85th street and watch for cars with Kansas plates. IF they bought liquor and drove west, they would follow them to Kansas, pull them over and confiscate the liquor then issue them a citation. A lot of judges would dismiss those cases since they already paid because they forfeited their alcohol. But they can likely get some pretty nice fines for weed, so I’d expect them to be parked outside dispenseries in Missouri and follow cars back across the state line. That’s why, when I buy my weed over there, I’ll head east…maybe stop at a friends house for a chat. Then go back home. But never “buy and go home”

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Funny, you are going to come over here to buy your weed.
I am going to go over there to do my gambling.

Vice exchange?

Could probably do a really bad sitcom on that.

It’s a midwest thing. Kind of like carbon credits.

There’s some town on the border of Washington and Oregon that CH used to talk about. One state has no sales tax, the other no income tax, so people live in one and shop in the other.

My wife has a cousin who lives in Vancouver Washington, across the river from Oregon. Washington has no income tax and Oregon has no sales tax.

When my parents were alive, they lived in Tennessee, maybe a quarter mile south of the Kentucky state line. Tennessee had no income tax and Kentucky had no sales tax on groceries. So, they did all their grocery shopping in Kentucky.

Is it true that a Tennessee whisky plant is in a dry county in Tennessee?

Looks like it.

Lynchburg, Tennessee - Wikipedia.

I found out about dry counties in Kentucky when I was 21 or 22, we were camping at Kentucky Lake and needed to make a beer run. Had to go over 30 miles one way back to Paducah Illinois.

Paducah is in KY, and Cairo Illinois is across the river from Paducah.

Who are you, Rand McNally?


Just kidding. When I get 20 miles south of Chicago it’s all the same to me.

I have spent a lot of time in that area.

Two things.

  1. You see a lot of military people with Oregon plates for this reason.
  2. Washington State patrol used to set up checkpoints on long weekends to catch people with RV’s with Oregon plates in Seattle.

Portland and Vancouver

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