Just when I thought

…nobody could say something more economically illiterate than Psaki.

Pelosi proves me wrong.

If Pelosi were honest, she would admit that removing the SALT CAP would most benefit Blue State folks… HER PEOPLE!!!

Why should someone living in a 3/2 Ranch in GA with Property Taxes under $1500 subsidize Billionaires?

Primarily rich blue state people.

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I could be convinced to increase the SALT deduction from $10K to maybe $20K. If you increased it to say $20K your not doing a complete giveaway.

I personally believe that all itemized deductions should be eliminated especially the SALT. SALT is driven by local votes. Why should someone get a discount on their federal obligations because they vote to increase local taxes? It really should be the other way. State tax returns should get a deduction for federal taxes paid.

Profound statement.

If that were true states would get more revenue if the feds cut taxes and less if they increase them.

All types of taxes should be Independent of each other.

Has Pelosi ever stated how much the SALT cap increase will benefit her?