Jon Gruden sues NFL, Roger Goodell for allegedly leaking emails that led to Gruden's resignation

Poor John. There is a vast conspiracy against him. He learned well from Al Davis.

You have to wonder why out of 65,000 emails, only the ones detrimental to Gruden, who wasn’t even employed by the NFL at the time, were the ones that went public.

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The discovery might make that clear. The conspiracy-minded think it was to detract from the Snyder investigation. Which the league is keeping as quiet as possible.

Like I said earlier, I don’t think this makes sense. Those e-mails were with Bruce Allen, who was employed by the WFT at the time. If anything that shines a bigger light on what went on there and increases calls for that investigation to be made public.

And for what it is worth, I doubt very much there was any conspiracy to get Gruden fired. The Raiders have been a clown show for a while, and Gruden was part of the latest chapter. There was nothing special about him compared to anybody else who came before him with that franchise.

It’s possible that a single individual had a grudge against Gruden, or simply found the messages offensive and decided to leak them.