Isn't this redundant?

I put this under “health” because I guess it has to do with safety.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but after 20 years aren’t tires basically no good anymore anyway?
Like, if I put a tire on a vehicle, drive zero miles, and waited 20 years, wouldn’t it have basically started to dry rot anyway?

I have no idea. And, what if they never were put on a vehicle? I have little idea how much time is typical between manufacture and installation.

Tires degrade over time, there’s s date stamped on them and I believe can’t be sold after so long. It’s not wear and tear but dry rot.

I’m a strong believer in not buying cheap tires and have mine checked at every oil change. I usually run 80-85 mph back and forth from work and don’t want tire problems.

Rule of thumb is 5-7 years, up to 10 if checked regularly for cracking and wear. I know we all do that.

Depending on how they’re stored, they will dry out or misshapen. IN the national guard they had to swap tires every few years because of their lack of use.

Democrats do that with condoms.


Most RV/Trailer tires are referred to as China Bombs. Most all trailer tires are now made in China and are terrible! Goodyear is the exception to the rule and are regarded as the best trailer tire to buy.

How long do trailer tires last? China Bombs should not be run longer than 3-4 years. It is a real roll of the dice. When they are under a cheaply made RV that is pushing maxed out weights, when they blow they can do THOUSANDS (3-10K easily) in damage to the siding, slides, floor, and even interior cabinets.

I have 2 horse trailers, RV, flatbed trailer, utility trailer, light tower trailer, and fuel trailer. All in I have about 70 tires between trailers, vehicles, and equipment. I buy so many tires I bought new tire machines last year and started DIY all my tire changes. In the last 16 months or so, I have bought at least 30 tires.

I had a china bomb that exploded on a trailer sitting in my pasture. Just ripped the tread. I try to use Light Truck (LT) tires on my horse trailers and anything that is critical. These tires are way better than trailer rated tires. They don’t make LT tires in all the sizes that I need so I have to deal with china bombs.

Back to the original question. Very few of these recalled tires will still be out there. They will most likely be on a farm trailer if someone is still using 20 year old tires. No chance I would use them on the highway. The oldest tire I have is probably 10 years old. It is on a farm only use trailer that is too sketchy to tow down the road.