Is that frowned upon?

I shouldn’t laugh!!!

But when a respected media organization uses the term “motorboat” as a verb, I can’t help it.

I am going to hell.

I can just look at him and tell he’s a motorboatin’ sumbitch!

Yes he should get his retirement. I do not think one stupid decision should take his retirement away.

It is disappointing that he told her he was going to do it and it wasn’t stopped before that time. The military is just different. This is never “ok” but at times it is.

It is like the old blood pinning. It wasn’t OK but some people wanted it to happen.

In the vast majority of cases, retirement is part of compensation and can’t and shouldn’t be taken away as punishment, regardless of the offense.

Hard to imagine the circumstance when this would be OK. Only with her consent, but since he’s her superior officer, really not even then.

Statute of limitations is over so I will tell this story.
When I was in (and I was never in a command position) I used to do this joke at the bar.
I would make a bet with a female friend;
“I bet you a dollar I can make your boobs bounce without touching them”; when she agreed to the bet, I would bounce them with my hands and then pull a dollar out of my pocket and say “you win”.

I wanna try this with a couple co-workers. Maybe on my last day before retirement, I know one them would just show 'em to me.

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