Is EMXC Worth it

I own 100 shares of this stock which makes up about 4.86% of my $95,000 portfolio. I like it because it invests in countries other than China and it’ll be great when it starts investing in Russia again

Actually I own 1 EMXC $35 call so at $46.20, it has $1,120 in intrinsic value or about 313% leverage. I’m thinking of rolling my March option into June

So when does your Call expire?
How much of a Premium did you pay?
It has not been at 35 since March of 2020.

I do not think your portfolio is big enough to do options… maybe covered puts…

I briefly tried options… but got out pretty quick.

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Acquired Sept 27, 2022 - EMXC was $45.30/share
$1,061 for March 17 2023 $35 call
Time value $31 - intrinsic value $1,030
Dividend Yield 2.99% = 4.7% APY

Deep in the money calls have a much better success rate than at the money calls. 20 years ago, I felt the same that you did because in a practice trading account, I lost so much money buying at the money calls that failed 70% of the time

Yes cash secured puts are a good idea; they trade very similar to covered calls. That means your upside potential is limited - only up to the strike price

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