Inflation Accelerates Past Expectations Again

Consumer inflation in the United States turned around and moved back in the wrong direction to kick off 2023, with the Consumer Price Index showing a month-over-month increase of 0.5 percent in January — accelerating from December 0.1 percent — for a hotter-than-expected annual advance of 6.4 percent, according to the latest data out Tuesday morning.

Is Biden going to take credit like he did when inflation was down a couple tenths of a percent?

I am not surprised. Gas prices tanked in December but rebounded quickly in late December and early January.

In a recent response to a reporter, he actually claimed that the high inflation was inherited from Trump!!! That shows how stupid the Democratic base really is…they believe it.

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Time to pay the price of sky high natural gas prices.

Own McMansions to heat with heated pools etc. I’m grateful I have a 1310 Sq ft house on NG, that is more than I need.

I hear you. I’m in a ~1500 sqft house. My wife asked about getting a pool heater and I laughed. Pool heater on propane would easily cost $1000 per month in spring and fall. I would consider one on wood but the boilers are over $5K.

It’s also going up for low income people also, way up from a year ago. From the link…

SoCalGas said the average bill in January for its 21.8 million customers was about $300, more than twice the average of January 2022 —

$150 more for natural gas, gasoline way up, groceries way up, rent way up…

I know, I live in California and Have Southern Ca gas, and Pacific gas and electric.

The article is showing $1,000 utility bills, I said they must be heating McMansions.

I have a Pool also and feel that a heater is a waste of money. I go in the Pool to cool off, won’t go in until the air temperature is at least 78 degrees.

Imagine a world where your paycheck bought more and more every year.

That was the USA during the classic gold standard from about 1870 to the beginning of WW1. Money supply was constrained by gold reserves, and with taxes at low levels, productivity rose quickly.