In theory

In theory I am not against this.
But, correct me if I am wrong, isn’t this the type of shit that was going on in Wuhan?

Yep. It isn’t a bad idea but Fauci will probably want to do it in China. That was a stupid move.

There’s a story we know for sure will never break ground in our CCP-controlled MSM.

Fauci is worshipped as some kind of demigod by the left, bc the news props him up. Being a whore of China, he was the perfect idol with which to brainwash stupid leftists. They cast him as anti-Trump every chance they got as well.

A career bureaucrat that is also anti-Trump = royalty status among the left.

He’s basically the new poster boy for selling out his country to foreign influence (previously it was Godzillary), but that’ll never clear the subconscious of our intellectually comatose lay citizens.