Impossible burger

Has anyone tried cooking these on a grill? My GF states they always taste burned.

My daughter eats black bean burgers and I grill them, but not direct.
I put them on the upper rack so the flame doesn’t directly hit them.

Costco has a Chipotle black bean burger that’s pretty good. I grill them from frozen indirect and will put them over the heat at the end to crisp it up.

I may have to try that. Move them away from the coals.

That is the one my daughter likes, and TBH, I would eat it on occasion to reduce my red meat intake.

Check out the sodium in those things. Red meat is better for you.

440mg and 19% of the daily value for sodium. Which isn’t bad considering a McDonald’s quarter pounder has 730mg of sodium.

Red meat has much more fat and cholesterol and zero fiber. Plus most people salt their meat and often use more than they think.

Grew up in a household in which bother my Mother and Father were smokers.[30 years]. Myself, am a non-smoker. Knock on wood at age 67 haven’t had any Lung issues.

At this point, not going to stop eating red meat.

And you shouldn’t, real meat is tasty and delicious. Impossible Burger is a meat alternative and IMO not very good. A black bean burger is just that and would never be mistaken for a real beef burger, it’s just something different.

A while ago had some meatballs with the fake meat. Not very good.

Frankly I don’t understand the meat alternatives. If one is really appalled by meat they wouldn’t want to eat anything that resembles it.

It’s like anything else, moderation is key.

You love meat but don’t want to kill animals and want something better for the environment.

I’ve tried some. Most don’t appeal to me.

I’ve reduced red meat but I still eat the fuck out of pork and chicken. And it wasn’t a grand gesture for the environment or whatever, I’ve just realized that red meat is higher in fat than the other meats or sources of protein.

I have an Italian buddy, great cook, who was making meatballs on night and got nauseous kneading the meat with the bread crumbs and spices. He became a vegetarian that night and hasn’t touched meat or fake meat since. I respect that.

That’s true, but I’ve never grilled a Big Mac at home.

I knew a woman who was vegan, non militant, so you could have an actual conversation with her about it.
Her main reason was due to factory farming, and I legitimately respected that.

I am equal opportunist. I eat them all. Typical week is a couple nights of steak, couple nights of chicken, few nights of pork. I grill probably 2 nights of workdays and 3 times on the weekend. My young girls are meat eaters and fruit eaters with some veggies.

I have tried a fake burger yet. Don’t really plan to. Nature protected the real meat. The thought of it makes my stomach churn thinking back to grade school soy burger like things.

I have heard the impossible are good. Beyond is supposed to have an odd flavor.

Both are just meh, you’re not going to think it’s real beef. It’s processed food with a lot of ingredients, beef has one ingredient.

One of the rare moments where I agree with KC 100%.

Impossible burgers are full of soy, vegetable/seed oils, and other ultra-processed refined shit. They are not healthy.

There is nothing wrong with red meat. The anti-meat campaigns are and always have been based on shitty science. Industry propaganda.