If only I was available

Unfortunately for her, I am happily married.

Late to the party.

Im okay with another opportunity to consider Sofia Vergara.

Is she still a scientologist looney tune? She dated tom cruise a while ago, the church set them up.

Her screeching voice though. But I’m not a male.

Reason #436 you don’t have a chance.

I have learned that gf’s celeb crushes are Cary Grant and Tom Hiddleston. Luckily for me, one is dead and she hasn’t run across the other.

Is she a Marvel fan?

My hall passes are Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt, she said I don’t even need to consult with her at the time but she wants to hear all about it after.

Not really, but her bunny is named Loki. I suspect she’d choose him over Hiddleston, and possibly me.

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