IBM spins off a quarter of the company to focus on the cloud

IBM is spinning off a significant part of its business to focus on new opportunities in hybrid cloud growth, the company announced on Thursday.

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IBM has been, and continues to be, a horrible investment.

That is because they lost what made them great. After woody stopped selling, they couldn’t make a profit anymore.

The real problem with Ibm is they lose their vision. They became a commodity.

I never understood what they really did after mainframes were obselete.

Mainframes are still heavily used. They’re used by banking, payroll, etc. they’re great for batch processing.

Had no idea. The IT people at Delta Airlines say they got rid of mainframes a long time ago. Maybe they define “mainframes” differently.

Banks are big customers. Dollar for dollar they’re the best deal for critical applications.

The problem is the new generation wants to do it ‘different’.

IBM just announced they’re breaking into two companies.

IBM has been BORROWING money to pay dividends for some time. A train wreck in the making…

I think the new ceo will be better. Still don’t have a lot of faith in them