I would have thought it would be in Texas

But Florida makes sense.
Sports back to live/in person.
UFC led the way in bringing back sports since the begin of the pandemic. This does not surprise me .

I’m going to a Braves game on April 27. First live event since last March. Then I’m seeing a concert on May 1, things are getting back to normal.

I would love to go to a concert again, but I’ll hold off for a while for crowded events, especially indoors.

I am debating summer vacation, Hawaii, amusement parks. My kid is wanting to go to Knott’s, but they haven’t announced yet. The state is letting parks open April 1st, but Disney has already said it will be late April before they’re ready.

This concert is in an outdoor amphitheater and they’ll be at 25% capacity. The braves game is also limited capacity.

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