I think this is funny

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We call that an “Irish goodbye”.

crparrothead - Your post made me laugh because it reminds me of this old joke. Christians leave without saying goodbye while Jews say goodbye without leaving. I hope this old joke didn’t offend anyone but I always thought it was funny.

The Types of Leaves

The Irish Goodbye - You leave without saying goodbye to anyone.

The French Exit - You climax on a gal without cleaning up.

Technical French Exit - You leave without paying the bill.

Turkish Takeoff - You pull the fire alarm and leave with a stranger.

Tokyo Sayonara - You leave but only say goodbye to the cat.

Letterkenny Leave - Steal a 2-4 and walk through a sliding glass door. (Note: A 2 - 4 is Canadian for a a case of beer (24 Bottles)

Singapore Scram - You grab on to a rope ladder and have a hellicopter fly you out.

That made me laugh.

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