I should have read the label

I wanted something quick and easy for dinner one day a while back. I bought a Banquet “Mega Bowl”. It LOOKED healthy…it bragged that there was 24 grams of protein in it. Garlic and Parmesan chicken strips. I cooked it and sat down to enjoy myself some chicken. One bite was all I could manage - it was basically inedible. Very salty. It was then that I looked at the nutrition information on the box

35 grams of fat?

  1. But look at the sodium.

I thought it was healthier, but one bite was so salty that it was inedible. I have had other bowls that were actually pretty good, but I have no idea why this one needed so much.

Need my reading glasses.

Sodium isn’t a big deal for most people. Unless you’re sodium sensitive, your body will flush it.

For the many of us with BP issues, it’s something we pay a little attention to. That has over 100% of daily sodium in a single serving.

I was just talking about this with a friend who eats a lot of soup. The sodium in many store soups is very high, but she makes homemade soup a lot, using low-sodium broth.

Unless you have a sodium issue, it’s not an issue.

That’s why I cited the article.

It’s something doctors have said for years that really isn’t backed by solid evidence.

If you water intake is solid, your body should pass the salt.

I just don’t like overly salted foods. I like salty but in small doses.


I drink lots of water. My BP is under control, with low dose meds. I watch salt, but not obsessively.

I typically don’t look at the label, but in this case the food was literally inedible. I like salt too, but this was overwhelming.

Do you like poke (the Hawaiian dish)?
I bought a couple of frozen bowls and they were amazing.
I will find the brand when I get a chance.

Frozen poke? How does that work?!?

What is interesting is that most people only think of the medical issues caused by having too much sodium but having a sodium level that is too low can be life threatening.

If you’re hypertensive then you should talk to your doctor and salt. You may be sensitive to sodium but otherwise, sodium is fine if you’re healthy. You’ll flush it out which is why we can detect it in urine.

I like salty in burst. Why I don’t eat frozen dinners. They typically are packed with sodium. Just taste weird to me.

Normally a doctor will prescribe a BP that flushes sodium if you’re sensitive such as thiazide class. Really they’re diuretics but they help bp

Much like the claim that animal fat is unhealthy & dangerous. Never based on hard data. The story behind that is chock full of politics and vegetarian ideological bullshit.

That microwave dinner looks disgusting from the nutrition facts. Ridiculous excess of calories.

Grill a ribeye next time, KC. That has a shitload of protein. Will bulk your muscles, trim the fat, & not give you the shits.

It’ll at least taste better.

We buy our steaks from Costco, usually prime ribeye but my wife prefers filet mignon. Cooking from scratch may cost more and take longer than a microwave meal but tastes much better and is healthier. Two steaks, asparagus, roasted potatoes and a salad is less than $30 but costs the same as most fast casual meals or having a pizza delivered.

I tried a couple store bought poke bowls and wasn’t impressed. We have a chain called Poke Brothers and it’s pretty tasty and very fresh. They have a dozen bowls you can choose from or you can build your own bowl for around 12 bucks.

You have to give it several hours to thaw.

The brand I had was Annasea.
I love poke, and I was actually impressed by how good it was.

I’ll look for it. Aldi has frozen sushi, not very good but cheap and convenient. Fresh Thyme Market has awesome fesh poke at their seafood counter but they aren’t in your area, regular or spicy and always on sale for $7.99 a pound.