I met parrot for coffee this afternoon

Super nice guy and pretty much what you read here is what you get with him. It’s nice to put a face to a name.

Same sentiment.

Next time I’m in kc; let’s all do dinner.

I wouldn’t mind meeting you guys, but I would rather do it over a couple of beers instead.

Dinner is drinks and something to eat :).

I always eat and drink.

Oddly enough, the place we met was also a brewery.

I am planning a trip to kc soon.

I’d be open to drinks and dinner.

Anyone is welcome. I just abhor talking about politics in person.

Have fun!!!

Same. That’s one reason I tend to let it rip online. Gets out the pent up frustration.

Whether in person or online, people tend not to change their views based on contrary arguments. Instead they double down.

Therefore I do not like to ruin in-person conversations with politics. Not productive.

Why I built the board.

With Covid we need to vent.

In person we need to drink

In person I’m very apolitical. I like women with big boobs and guys who can Appreciate that.

We didn’t discuss politics

I wilt say this, KC is one of the few people who can talk more than me.

On the odd chance I’m ever in KC, count me in, but I’d want to try the famous bbq.

Which one? The biggies are Gates, Arthur Bryants, Joe’s, Jackstack, and a newcomer Q39. Plus there are hundreds of smaller places that are equally as good. I should post a picture of the BBQ sauce aisle at the grocery store. We have so many local choices.

Sounds like the salsa situation here. We always go with one of the local brands. I will say that when the local brands say hot, they actually mean it.

Act, my go to’s for out of town visitors aren’t even BBQ. I go with Grinders, Local Pig, and Succotash. All featured on Food Network.

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