'I looked at my bank account, and it was getting drained': Michigan dad says his six-year-old spent nearly $1,000 on Grubhub deliveries

I do think we should have rules that hold companies accountable for one click shopping because it’s meant to encourage impulse shopping. Likewise we should cancel bets at casinos if they allow an addict to gamble just like we would not allow someone with an intellectual disability to enter into a contract

A mere waiver of liability should not work either. Yes there’s a duty to supervise but we also have a duty to make sure that your password must be entered as well as needing to log in. Maybe a five click minimum before you can make a purchase, including are you sure and all the fees and total for the transaction too

I saw this article the other day. Keep your kids off the phone.


Yep. Phones and Ziri or those other pesky Apple / Amazon devices are definitely glad tonn no purchase on a voice command

If you take this literally, he compounded the problem using a Debit card.

This reminds me of two times with my son.
When he was very little I had a nook tablet and he was playing in it and accidentally ordered a screen saver for $1. He came running into me panicking and telling me he would pay me back. I let him think about it for a while, changed the settings on my tablet to password protected to order something and told him since he was honest he didn’t have to pay me back. Cheapest life lesson to date.
The other time was when he was staffing at Boy Scout camp and he ordered something off of Amazon. I get emails from Amazon when ordering so I texted him and told him he would have to pay that back, he the pointed out that he added his card the account and had paid for it himself.

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It’s little things like that that will stick with a kid their whole life. Good job.

I agree. When my kid was little he liked a few online sites like Club Penguin that were free but you could buy upgrades by purchasing a gift card at places like Walmart and Walgreens. You’d load the card on the account and it wasn’t linked to a credit card.