I like Dolly, but

Maybe she should stick to singing.

Literally honoring the “Godfather of Fake News” for fighting “disinformation”.

This should have been in the Onion or Bee!!

Anyone read her new book with James Patterson? He’s not someone I’d usually read, but my wife liked his stuff, and …Dolly.

(Not to hijack your thread or anything).

No offense taken.
Dolly had some good, cheesy, specials on Netflix a couple of years ago. Called Hearstrings.

Some of those were pretty decent, if a little cheesy. She’s also back with Fonda and Tomlin on the last episodes of Grace & Frankie, but I haven’t seen them yet.

My wife watches that show, it is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Gosh…do you think the conservatives will “Dixie Chicks” her?

No, most conservatives don’t give a shit about Rather.
I just laugh when anybody attempts to take him seriously.

I couldn’t care less about Rather. Dolly works pretty hard at maintaining s non-partisan image, so I’m surprised she did this.

I agree.
Anybody with a brain can see that she certainly leans left, at least as far as social issues.
But she has never be overtly political.
She is a really good person (on top of being a talented artist) and does a lot of philanthropy, so her political beliefs don’t effect me.

Short segment of when Dolly was on the Johnny Carson show.

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