I know self pride might be bad

But I do a lot of the pictures for our bike groups and I posted one in another thread. I was also working on pictures from yesterday’s ride. And for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t embarassed by a picture of me.

In September of last year, I gave up drinking and sweets. And I noticed the difference in these pictures and felt a little proud…the picture on the left is October 2021 and the picture on the right is May 2022. And FWIW, the yellow jersey I am wearing on the right is a size SMALLER than the Cycypath jersey I have on the left

looking good. You can see it in the face and the abdomen. Your arms and legs look about the same but that is to be expected.

How do you feel though? More energy, less tired?

Good for you.
Nothing wrong with self promotion.

Much more energy. I sleep much better. Just giving up drinking dropped my Triglycerides from 194 to 144, All of my cholesterol numbers are well within the good range. I WAS put on Ozempic for blood sugar and that is at 5.9 (as of February) from 7.9. My blood pressure is 110/75 and my resting heart rate at my doctor visit last week was 55 with blood oxygen of 98.

I have done some intermittent fasting at times, but I just watch portions and eat smarter. I did not want to get on a Keto or low/no carb diet because I wanted to be able to eat what I want without cutting out all carbs. So while I have cut back on carbs, I still have a sweet potato instead of a regular potato. I don’t forgo chips with a sandwich or fries with a burger…I just don’t eat them all that often. And I bike a lot. about 1300 miles so far this year.

I think a lot of my health/weight issues were due to stress from work. Since I retired I am more active and under far less stress that I don’t resort to “stress eating/drinking”.

AS I always tell my child, we are only here once, and we should strive to be the best you that we can be and help others in their journey. We should be proud of the success of others as it takes nothing away from our own success.

Since you like to bike, I wouldn’t even suggest Keto. It would kill your passion. People handle it differently but I tried it for fun once, the loss in endurance and strength made it a no go for me.

I experiment with different diets due to a medical issue I have. People claimed keto would cure it. It didn’t. The best one for me is ‘paleo’. Basically unprocessed foods. That brought things into alignment with massive amounts of exercise

Good BP.


I did an 8 week macro challenge that my trainer set up.
Because I am active there were quite a bit of carbs on it, a lot of protein, but very little fat. That was the hard one to keep under.

I did Keto (they used to call it the Atkins diet) and I did indeed lose weight. But I got tired of pork rinds and bacon and sometimes just wanted a nice french fry or a burger on a real, live bun. But when I was working, burgers and fries were pretty much daily. I had lost weight initially after I retired, but after I was hit by a car and off my bike for months, I went thru a period of depression eating and gained a lot back. The picture from October is when I decided that it was enough (I was actually a month into my “diet” in that picture). For my nightly sweet treat, I slice a pear and put cinnamon on it and have an Atkins peanut butter cup. I don’t buy cookies or other stuff because if it’s in the house, I’ll eat it.

The two are not the same. Atkins was a high protein diet. Keto is a high fat diet

I ate a shitload of bacon on it. I do remember though that there was a LOT of attention given to “ketosis” on the Atkins diet. The things I had focused on cutting carbs and entering ketosis.

It’s similar but it is different. The ratios are different. Keto is an actual Medical diet used to treat certain conditions.

Won’t get techincal because I can’t - i only know I did a lot of research into Atkins before trying it, and in Atkins own publications they stressed that you had to eliminate carbs to get your body into ketosis. The focus (to me) was far more on eliminating carbs and less focus on whether it was replaced by protein or fat.

The main difference is protein vs fat. It isn’t my field of expertise but I have been told by experts on paper they look the same but medically they’re different.

Keto is an approved medical diet. The fat content is what makes it work

Looking good KC!

One of my slogans is ‘If you don’t love yourself, nobody else is going to bother’. So I don’t have a problem with self promo.