I have no words…

I’m betting you’re going to listen to every word, with your wiener in your hand.

But you’ll insist that you hate it.

Evander is gonna fight, that Evander? These old fighters trying to relive their youth, somebody’s gonna die at some point.

One could make the argument that it’s not dignified for a former president to comment on professional sports but presidents do it all the time. I recall Obama commenting during the Super Bowl pre game show and I think he still does his NCAA bracket predictions.

Gee, if I were to be just a bit of the critical persuasion I’d be inclined to call thatt a bit of classic “Whataboutism.” Careful, many folks on this forum will be inclined to accuse you of stealing one of the few tactics they have in their meager bag of tricks. I thought you were better than that. :innocent:

I’m just preempting the narrative that commenting ringside is unpresidential. At least it’s not wrestling, and I know Trump has a sordid past with that.

Trump might say something interesting but not sure why Junior will be there, he adds nothing.

Triller is the social network site that I won my tickets to the Paul/Askern fight through.
I don’t understand, but these fights are making a shit ton of money.

May Trump have all of the same success that Jesse Ventura had calling XFL games.

Then again, Jesse was still governor of Minnesota when he got the XFL gig. Trump doesn’t have to worry about a second job distracting him, so he should do way better than Jesse.

Sounds like you understand perfectly.

As another point, this event will be held on September 11.

I hope the author of that CNN article managed to avoid getting jism on his keyboard when writing that obsessive article about Orange Man Bad.

Maybe if he writes enough clichéd garbage, such as “he is utterly incapable of feeling empathy,” then Trump will notice & acknowledge him. :crossed_fingers:

Lefties hatred knows no bounds, they feel they need to whine about their opinion in every aspect of the media.

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