I feel this

Being 6’3” this is my biggest complaint

You’re lucky you not as “wide” as me. I’m tall, but my height is in my torso, not my legs…and I wear a 34 inseam. If you are bigger than a 38 waist (and those are even hard to find) it gets tougher to find some long enough. Apparently, if your hips go over 38, they seem to think that you are a short fat guy. The best I can find is 32.

I have a 36 inseam which is just past the regular length carried by everyone.
And big and tall apparently don’t have anything smaller than a 40 waist.

I’ve had better luck ordering online. Eddie Bauer, Lands End and LL Bean have those “odd” sizes,

I’m closer to the other end of the height spectrum and buy most of my pants from LL Bean. They have inseams from 28-36 and waists from 30-44, mostly in single inch differences. They also sell pants with 3-4 different cut styles, recognizing that more than waist can dictate size.

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