I am going to follow this one closely

I am a supporter of organizing unions in the general sense.
I am a giant critic of today’s big Unions, they are a disgrace to those who they claim to represent.

I have never really heard of this union, so I do not know if they are as corrupt as most national big unions are.
I am also skeptical if the vote will turn the unions way, by all accounts Amazon pays pretty well for unskilled labor and their benefits are pretty good.

That union is not one of the big ones. They have about 60,000 members nationwide and I suspect most of those make less money than the Amazon workers. I have read a number of complaints from Amazon workers about working conditions, but not specific to Alabama.

I know little about union laws.

What prevents amazon workers from forming a union just for amazon employees ?

It’s gotta be easier to start with an existing union that knows the legal process and such.

Would seem more intelligent to start your own to capture the whole company. An existing union will know little of deadline with tech companies.

Amazon may just shut the location down and move it out of state

Hard to get workers from all over the country to agree on something

Wal mart has done that
And I think Boing did it also


Amazon is very anti-union.

I personally am anti-union but I support unions. I just wouldn’t join one it I could avoid it.

I think for low wage jobs, we need them

Boeing, they moved production from a union to a non union shop

That was discussed in this thread on the CHB:

Ah. There is a boing as well.

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