I am a Bills fan, but the Daily Mail is full of shit here

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then how did Joe 'Snow" Burrow see them to throw the ball?

I agree BS

Slightly off topic, but listening to sports radio this morning, some Bengals are referring to Arrowhead and “Burrowhead”.

I do hope Mahones is nearly 100% by the weekend. I have no particular horse in this race, but it should be a first class event if both of those QBs are having a big day.

If the Bills defenders can’t spot them, I’d say they already have separation.

The Orange Helmet!

There is something about Burrow that I just don’t like. I’m hoping that the Chiefs “Burrow” the Bengals here. I’ll admit, I was concerned about facing the Bengals…but with the arrogance and dare I say, overconfidence that is being displayed by Bengals players, they might just come into this game figuring that it’s a “gimme” because of a gimp Mahomes. The sweetest thing would be if Mahomes has to come out and Henne outplays the golden boy of Cincy. The Chiefs lost to them last year because THEY became overconfident since they were up by so much at the half. If they play 4 full quarters, and don’t let up, even if the score is 50-0, they have a chance. But oh would it be sweet to end that Bengal arrogance this weekend. If we would have to lose, I would have preferred to lose to Allen and the Bills.

Go Bengals Go

You know the Bengals are Trumps team

Good. I could tell by the arrogance. And I hope that the results for them are the same that they were for Trump backed candidates last November.

Sorry gonna be 2016 all over again

Where did you hear that?


And, for a misleading headline:

All that Beane said is that the Bengals are benefitting from some of their key players being on their first contracts. That is a statement of fact and does not take away from the Bengals’ success.

That is nothing new to the NFL either. As one prime example, the Seahawks benefitted big-time when Russell Wilson was on his dirt-cheap rookie contract. That went away once he got past that and signed for beaucoup bucks. The Bills similarly benefitted from Allen’s earlier contract but have moved past that stage. The Bengals will also face the same thing in two years.

One of the things about the Chiefs is their front office has worked with Mahomes to structure his contract to allow flexibility. Along with their willingness to part with players asking more than what the Chiefs can afford.

The same was true of the Patriots during the Brady years. The Patriots kept emotion out of their decisions and had no problem moving on from a player, no matter how good he was or what he had done for them, if that player would eat up a lot of salary cap space and could be replaced with a somebody else for a lot less. There is a reason they signed Rob Gronkowski and let Dion Branch walk.

I also think that many players signed with the Patriots for less money, knowing that after they inflated their numbers with Brady, and got a ring, they could sign big contracts elsewhere.

Taht will be great news for Joe Burrow. I’m thinking of opening a pimpwear store in Cincy in two years…I’d only need one customer