I agree, but can we end the rest of the theater too?

It almost sounds like they stole Rand Paul’s words.

Sheesh, make up their minds already. What’s next, masks really aren’t that effective or the vaccines aren’t really doing anything to reduce contracting the virus?

Except Rand Paul is full of shit.

Actually, he was 100% accurate.
I have posted several links that prove that.

Sounds like the CDC was full of shit. How much did that little fuck up cost the American people and businesses? My work location has cases of wipes, disinfectant and hand sanitizer…now the CDC says “never mind”.

Check the shipping information on that.
CDC and Fauci recommendations have made China billions if not trillions.

Hand sanitizer is good.

Yes, sanitizing some things is good, and the CDC didn’t tell businesses to engage in all of this “theatre.” They did that on their own to make it look like they were doing something.

(BTW, the one that I cringe at is when I go through a fast food drive through and the employees are wearing plastic gloves. That only increases contamination. It tells me they’re not serious.)

Rand Paul is as full of shit as his fake board certification.

That was common before Covid. Many people don’t understand the health code

Did you read the link above? It clearly says… Strict COVID-19 sanitization protocols may be reassuring to an anxious populace, but they are not necessary, says revised guidance from the CDC.


I also laugh that they put the food in a “sealed” bag and hand it to you on a tray now.

He was accurate in his last exchange with Fauci.

The CDC is revising based on updated information. Early in the pandemic, some things were unknown. But they didn’t mandate some of the things businesses have been doing.

It absolutely astounds me that people can watch that and think that Paul comes across as anything other than a babbling buffoon.

If data and facts make someone a buffoon then so be it.
He is kind of an ass, but that doesn’t’ make him wrong.

Except he was ignoring the data. Masks are not theatre.

Fauci is fully vaccinated.
There is enough data from the US, and a shit ton of data from Israel to know that he has almost zero statistical chance of catching or spreading Covid.
To top it off, Fauci is “double masking” which is literally either for fashion or virtue signaling.
Pure theater!!

Leftists believe virtue signaling is science. They’re brains are so poisoned with propaganda they actually cannot tell the difference.

In theory it’s 5%.

That’s better than the flu