Huh, two thoughts

This is why you read the article.

My first thought was, Fuck off, Mexico can’t tell us what to do.


After reading the article, the EV tax credit in the Build Back Boondoggle may violate the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade pact.

This may get interesting.

Under the free trade laws that we’ve forced on them over the years, they’re probably right.

I do not like the union only clause. Tesla is the largest producer isn’t union but has superior pay and benefits.

I don’t mind the US built

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By “forced on them” do you mean “negotiated treaties”?

What was mentioned wws USMCA which was negotiated over a 2 1/2 year time period and the Democrats want to just piss on our allies for political gain payback to the unions.

Agree, unless it violates treaties we signed.

And treaties override all statutes.

It that true?
Learn something new everyday.

The Union only clause discriminates against Red States that are Right to Work.

It is an effort to move Car production back to Detroit etc.

In terms of legal enforcement, only the Constitution overrides valid treaties.

I actually am starting to remember that from High School.
Good refresher!

Tesla is mainly in a blue state and shifting to red.

I think is an attack directly on Tesla. They built the electric car demand. They were pioneers and now Biden wants to cut them out. That’s bullshit.

It is because Musk isn’t a dyed in the wool socialist lefty.
He has actually proven the entire movement wrong that the only way to “go green” is by embracing the left agenda 100% and giving all control to the government.

It’s funny. He’s against the government subsidizing the charging stations. He’s like we built them. They can build them.

Now yes Tesla has got subsides but he think capitalist will build what’s needed.

I use to dislike musk but the more he speaks, the more I like him. I wish he wasn’t so petty but otherwise he’s pretty awesome

Unions can’t complete on a level playing field so they give tens of millions to democrats to protect them.

A good link referencing Tesla subsidies.

And the author is not a big fan of Musk, just honest.