HuffPo calls science stupid

Rand Paul is right, but HuffPo calls his idea stupid.

LOL… mask burning.

The mask has become a stupid symbol for both sides.

Faucci is making things worse. I only have one friend openly refusing the vaccine. He said why get it when Faucci says you still have to wear a mask and he isn’t sure it will stop you from getting infected.

Your friend has a point. If getting the vaccine does not exempt him from the mask harassment & only reduces, not eliminates, the risk of contraction — which the media reminds us of every day — why bother?

Faucci seems to think it doesn’t reduce the risk. I don’t agree with faucci but I can understand why people would take that from his comments.

Because Fauci ignores data.

Rand Paul who refuses to take the vaccine?

He had Covid, he is literally more immune than those who have been vaccinated.

That is debatable. The vaccine should provide the highest level of immunity.

There are reputable people that say having it gives you more immunity.
Either way, there is almost universal agreement that once you have had Covid your level of immunity is pretty high. Paul is part of the “herd immunity”.

Typically that isn’t how it works. I would question anyone who suggested otherwise.

Vaccines are designed to kick you into overload. It’s why the vaccine achieves 90+% for over a year and natural immunity is around 3-6 months.

When you catch the virus, your body responds but may not respond aggressively enough to generate true protection.

And for those with lingering symptoms, there’s some early evidence the vaccine helps.

I am not saying he shouldn’t get the vaccine, I know a few people that have been vacced that were positive.
But, Paul is included in the “herd immunity” data, and there is zero science that backs him wearing a mask, which is what the link in the OP was referring to.

Unless the definition of “science” is speculation, centralized bureaucratic narratives, huge (il)logical leaps, & piecemeal stringing together of separate unrelated scientific data into presumptive meta conclusions.

And of course this represents almost all of the “science” that leftists confidently cite when attempting to bully people into giving up their personal freedoms.

If the vaccine protects you from getting covid why wear a mask?


It helps protect you. I can see it as a psychological tool but as some point the charade has to end.

Typical wit from Malice, and he’s not wrong.

In fact I have seen lots of POCs not wearing them. Never seen a single white leftist covid anti-freedom crusader say a word to them.

Even when wearing them, poc tend to wear them incorrectly.

Covid lives in the nose and gi.

So to expose your nose is a tad retarded if you believe mask work