How was this high school dropout ever elected?

Would it have taken that much effort to do a little background research before voting, to weed out someone so ignorant, and unqualified for what should be such an important job? Never mind, after 2016, that question was answered, big time.

I feel the same way about Biden.
Now which idiot is in a position to do the most harm.

The many Republicans in positions of power who are about as intelligent, and prone to believing in conspiracy theories, as is Boebert.
And if the right is successful in the upcoming election, we are effed up…big time.

Biden may be old, and more left leaning than I like, but I have zero fear that he’s going to do any permanent damage to the structure of the United States. I can’t say the same for many Republicans, who have little grip on reality.

Your reaction to her bad joke illustrates that you have no sense of humor.

I think we’re speaking of two different individuals, if you think this dimwit Qanon adherent, is aware that there’s a difference between the covid virus, and allergens.
As for my sense of humor, trust me, I have a great many belly laughs reading some of the comments posted here.

The sense of humor is the right trying to ignore that what is fast becoming the voices of the Republican party are a bunch of idiots. It’s kind of like they could listen to Sarah Palin be unable to name a single thing she read, but ignoring that and pretending that she is a Rhode’s scholar. They did the same thing in 2016 by electing a guy who may have gone to “the best schools” but reads and writes at a fourth grade level. MTG and Bobert should keep their mouths shut and just wear tight jeans as they campaign in states where they don’t reside so that guys can vote for the party with the nicer ass.,

KC, do you talk to girls this way, rambling & complaining to excruciating length without a clear thesis?

Only if they have a nice ass

Ah so you’re coy & witty with the ugly ones but make sure to run the pretty ones away. Makes sense.

Hey…If Bobert ever comes to KC to campaign, I’d try to get there early so I could get a seat behind the stage. Gals not bad looking at all…if her brains were as nice as her ass, she’d be a genius.

So you insult women in public & then wank off thinking about them behind their backs? Are you stuck in the earliest stages of puberty?

Would you want men talking about your daughter that way?

My my…the guy who talked about getting a “Lewinsky” from a woman who wasn’t his wife. YOu are quite the puritan, and it’s nice to know that you won’t look at a woman in yoga pants or tight jeans.

I don’t worry about my kid…she’s way smarter than Bobert.

Is that a yes or no?

BTW have you ever answered a question in your life?

I said I don’t worry about my kid. What more do you want. I noticed you didn’t comment on the “Lewinsky” you received. What would you think if someone referred to your daughter when talking about a blow job? She was someone’s daughter. But she was exposed in a witch hunt by a perverted Republican special prosecutor. Hypocrite.

That wasn’t the question. If you’re asked what time it is you’ll give the long description of how a clock works.

This was the question

I said I don’t worry about that. But it comforts me to know that you care about my daughter, whom you seem obsessed with since you bring her up all the time, but you lack feeling for Monica Lewinsky.


When have I brought up your daughter other than this post or when you brought her up in a thread? (There is a search function here so you should have no problem finding some examples, unless your full of shit as usual. Then nevermind.)

Have you checked the Border lately ??? Have you checked the bank accounts of the lower and middle class trying trying to keep food on the table and gas to go to work??

. No you just make up reasons to excuse Brandon.

Here’s some for you.

Nov '21 - …nal responsibility… Dude, once again Rittenhouse was found not guilty. The jury said he wasn’t responsible for the bogus charges against him. If your daughter was accused of killing a patient she was caring for and after an extensive investigation and examination of all the facts was found not guilty would…

Oct '21 - …nocent, there cannot be a victim. Yes, in this case they’re not sure who the victim is, Rittenhouse or the violent rioters that attacked him. If your daughter is being violently attacked by a psycho ex boyfriend and she stabs him in self defense do you believe the ex boyfriend is a victim? I don’t think so…

Oct '21 - kcflyer: But a lot of Americans who are anti everything feel that way. Let me guess, your daughter saw a thousand people die at her hospital last week that all had “Covid is a hoax” tattooed on their chest, right?

Sep '21 - …people who died of covid. At some point in time THEY didn’t have covid either. Do you wear your mask 100% of the time when you’re visiting with your daughter and grandson? How about at a social gathering at your home or a friend’s house?

Feb 4 - …? How is that ignoring it? Before the kid was found guilty he was allowed to return to school, where he sexually assaulted another student. If you’re daughter was sexually assaulted would you want the kid back in school with her?

Jan 2 - T-Boy: You are the one saying it doesn’t bother you. Crime, human trafficking, drugs guns. it doesn’t effect you. Its all about you. If KC’s daughter got T-boned by an illegal with no insurance then he would say it’s a problem. Lefties have no empathy and only care about what they’re told to care a.

That’s just this board, but you did it a LOT on the CH board as well. Sorry, I can’t search those anymore. I think that kind of shows that I’m not really full of shit. So I’d like to ask you that from here on out that you kindly leave my daughter out of any discussions on this or any other board.