How many boxes can you check?

I am sure she is highly qualified, so why emphasize everything?

They always do don’t they? 18-year-old college student elected mayor of Arkansas city (

Think about the non-binary person. They tried to check every box. He was qualified for the job based on his education.

I bet he’s against checking th box now

Meh, she’s the first on somethings, so that’s kinda notable.

Speaking of headlines: there’s some minor Biden official in trouble over some silly shit. Yet a bunch of outlets are including the fact that they’re non-binary in all the headlines. Why is it relevant to the trouble they’re in?

Not that I know enough about the situation (I have heard about it, but don’t really care enough to be informed), I think the point trying to be made is that he got the job due to being non binary rather than due to qualifications.

Based on what evidence? Why would we assume they’re not qualified?

I didn’t say it was my opinion, just giving a reason why it is being made a big deal.
After about 30 seconds of google I figured out he has degrees from Kansas State and MIT, but no actual experience other than working for think tanks.

After another 30 seconds you can find this little nugget.

For the same reason Griner was a major story.

It’s just as relevant as to why Biden made a big deal about hiring him.

It’s only okay to bring up LGBTQ when it’s a positive thing, but never if it’s negative. The mainstream media has been doing that for years.

That’s fairly common for academics and government workers.

I wish I could find the post of linked in where a fairly high level government employee was bashing musk for something. The comments were gold.

One of my textbooks for a Business course I took had a list of true but stupid comments.
The one I remember the most is this;
“I see your method works in practice, but how it work theoretically?”

It was funny. Basically it was government workers shouldn’t be attacking a successful man or using their job title to disparage someone’s politics.

Her answer was do people realize how much freedom her department (department of labor) has given people and how much government employees sacrifice for everyone.

It just kept getting stranger and stranger.

I don’t recall any big deal. I never heard of them till they got in trouble.

We talked about him here several times. It was all over the news.

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