How does this moron have a high profile journalism job?

You don’t even have to follow football to know this entire article is idiocy.

I forgot to post this quote;

“There’s no point in putting too much stock in college stats and accolades when it comes to draft prospects.”

This dumbass is literally saying that you should not look at how a QB performs.

Here’s a crazy idea, hire (or draft) the person best qualified for a job. When I spend my money I don’t care who is receiving it, I care that I’m getting the best product or service for the price.

You left off the rest of the paragraph where he described his actual college performance as outstanding. I don’t follow college football much, but a lot of people see the patterns he is pointing out.

And the author left out that the person Fields is being compared to performed even better.

Wilson & Jones?

You notice the author only puts Conference accomplishments because they played in different conferences.

I don’t follow college football as closely as you do.

I hate the SEC in general and Alabama in particular, but you can’t argue with success.

The question is: are Jones and Wilson more likely to be quality NFL QBs?

That isn’t the question of the author.
The draft is a crapshoot, especially with QB’s.
The author is making a ludicrous claim that race is actually relevant to where a QB is drafted, and he looks like a flaming racist in doing so. ESPN should be ashamed of printing this tripe.

This article would have fit 25 years ago, but in today’s world it is pandering to the lowest common denominator.

As in his use of one idiot’s slurs to support his position.

I’ve seen a lot of mock drafts, with Fields picked from 3 to 9 in all of them. Except for one mock I’ve seen, Trey Vance (another black QB) was picked higher than Fields. It seems to be that the teams are seeing something they are less confortable with in Fields, and it has nothing to do with his color. He may prove them wrong, or not.

I think Wilson has more potential than Fields, especially if picked by a team that has a pass oriented offense. He is remarkably consistent. I haven’t seen much of Jones’ play, so I can’t judge except that he doesn’t lose much.

Instead of being embarrassed, ESPN is doubling down on the idiocy!!

Here’s a fairly detailed analysis of Fields’ performance:

I was listening to a local sports radio station yesterday afternoon.
The guest was talking very highly of Fields (rightfully so, he is a great talent), but tried to take the conversation in a racist direction (repeating the lies about black QB’s dropping in the draft), but the host very deftly rerouted the discussion without telling the guest he was a moron.

I wonder if there was any racism involved when Aaron Rodgers fell to pick number 24 in the 2005 draft?

Or when Tom Brady fell to the 6th round?

Brady wasn’t expected to go #2, then drop to the 6th round. HIs college experience didn’t warrant a first round pick.

If Trey Lance is picked first does that mean racism is cured?

I have a (white, politically conservative) FB friend who is a 49ers fan and is now begging the team not to pick Jones. Wants them to pick Lance or Fields.

As I mentioned, I don’t follow college football closely enough to know, but I’ve certainly heard the black qbs dropping before the draft concern before.