Holy shit!

We may have officially reached the line of demarcation for the budget.

At this point lets just quit collecting taxes and make everything deficit spending.

Can’t read the article yet but is this in addition to the 6 trillion additional he has already spent?

I think that only people who voted for Biden should be required to pay taxes.

That sounds great on paper but we’d be the ones paying under Trump and bush.

Congress needs to fight his stupid spending. Hell bankrupt the country

Yep, that is his budget proposal for FY 2022

20 was 5.8 trillion. It’s scary to think 6 trillion isn’t that much more

Total spending for 20 was 5.8, the Budget was 4.8.
So given the proclivity of the twits in DC to spend money (both sides), it is easy to believe that spending will be more than the actual approved budget.

Add another 6 for the other spending. Biden is simply spending to much and taxing won’t increase the revenue enough to cover it

Inflation is rolling in like a tsunami. Only getting worse and everything the democrats propose is only going to make it worse. Soon you will be wiping your ass with Benjamins. I have been buying things on my want list as prices are continually going up. I spent $4000 this morning on a welder generator combo unit. I dropped $1200 on a new air compressor yesterday. Everything is going up up and away. The welder I bought was an outlet floor model purchase. The newest models at retailers have already gone up to $6000 due to huge copper and aluminum in them. I assume that home backup generators are doing the same due to raw materials. We’re having home addition, porch, siding, and roof done right now before the labor shortage hits my area and prices go up again. Lucky I bought 95% of materials before the recent crazy price increases.

If there is something you want to buy you better buy now or pay dearly next week.

I think Biden wants to bankrupt America. That will make his handlers happy.

It’ll make China bust a nut, which will be fantastic for the Biden family trust fund.

@sgtFriday would be happy. He loves XI and Biden.