Hedge or not?

First half of my 2 game parlay was TCU.
Second half is Monday’s Illinois/Mississippi St. game (I took Illinois).
My son says it is pussy to hedge.

TCU was my pick for an upset.

What’s the likelihood of the “hedge” failing

I’ve bought call options as a hedge / sold call spreads, and bought and sold put spreads depending on the goal

I haven’t sold a cash put because the capital requirement would lead to non diversification

Michigan was outcoached and outplayed through the mid 3rd quarter, then it was too late. Ohio State played above their capabilities.

How much $ are we talking? BTW you realize a parlay is not a good bet strategy right?

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Because you’re basically making two bad bets rather than one bad bet.

Is it kind of like having two bad bets may have a payout ratio of 81% while one bet had a 90% payoff

That was a great game and I only saw the second half.

None of my bets are over $50.
It is mostly for entertainment and bonding with my son.
I usually do a “round robin”, which is statistically better than betting on three games individually.

Like a volume discount

Little more complicated than that. But the percentages and payout are better for a three team round robin than three individual bets.

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Yes, but the payout on a 2-game parlay is significantly worse than rolling two bets. You have to win both games and the payout is around 2.6 to 1. If you just bet the first game and then roll your winnings into the second game and win, the payout is 4 to 1.

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I live in Missouri so I have to be in either Kansas or Iowa to bet.

Not bad


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That sucks