Have an Attitude of Gratitude This Thanksgiving

IT’s good to see such pessimistic writers and conservative publications take a look at the things that are RIGHT in the world. Because not everything in the world revolves around politics.

Maybe they should ponder parrots avatar


From the link…

We live in an era of entitlement that would have shocked our Greatest Generation. We are more prosperous monetarily than any previous generation but that does not seem to assuage our anger and unhappiness.

IMO one of our biggest problems is entitlement and people expecting to be given what other people have earned. It makes them angry and bitter others have more than they have which divides the country.

Yes, conservatives are always looking at the worst things. Telling us how things would be greater if only they had their way. I think they are incapable of seeing anything positive. If they are not the ones that did it.

I’m thankful for a great country. I’m grateful I knew the country before our debt was 100% of GDP. I’m thankful

Most GenZers only know an insolvent country

I’m thankful for great family and friends. I’m fortunate. Some people are lonely. Some are homeless. We can all share and make Thanksgiving better for all.

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Thank god you knew a better time when our debt was 97% of GDP. These poor kids today have nothing to be thankful for. Unless of course happiness for them doesn’t involve economics.

On a sour note:

I don’t think the Maryland state legislature appreciated being arrested by their dear leader Lincoln

Had Maryland seceded, do you think the wars outcome would have been the same except for the Capitol being moved to the rust belt as Ohio was happening

What was it during the second Bush first term?

Yep, there’s a reason people want to come here, opportunity. Unfortunately a lot of people born and raised here expect everything handed to them like spoiled brats. Positive people see opportunity, negative people whine life is unfair and blame people who have a better, happier and more successful life than they do.

My 22 year old son and his buddies aren’t very political like the angry extremist lefties his age, their biggest concern is taxes. They’ve all graduated, have real jobs and are shocked (actually pissed off) how much of their paycheck is taken from them.


Some people never learn: they romanticize a welfare state

That’s that good old conservative spirit of gratitude.

It would be nice if we returned to debt to GDP of 55%

Welfare creates dependency just like spoiled rich kids, there is no incentive to work hard and make sacrifices to get ahead, just lazy individuals wanting something for nothing.

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Nice speech. The left is definitely not guilty of the same. :roll_eyes:

You can finde SOME positives in lefties…the conservatives are fucking doom and gloom 27/7 365 days per year. And the way the Republican party has shattered into pieces, they really have trouble finding anything positive.

Trust fund kids are not good dating partners; they are good for getting alimony or child support however since they don’t work

Wrong. That’s your bias talking.

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