Hamlin cleared for football

He is cleared, but will he return?


If he does he has the most intestinal fortitude of anyone I have ever thought of.

Wrong thread

Lol… DeSantis lives in your head 24/7.

Heres hoping all goes well for Hamlin. May he come back to the Bills and be on the next Super Bowl champion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Titans are rebuilding, so I will give you that one.

Don’t know how that happened…I deleted it.

Titans, rebuilding since 1995.

They were the number one seed in the AFC 2 years ago

Glad he’s back.

Was Hamlin related to the VP in 1860?

I have no idea what his personal financial situation is…but I would hope he has enough money that he can retire. No one wants to see him come back and have another catastrophic episode…

He has stated plans to come back. The situation was scary, but I don’t know if it makes him more vulnerable in the future.