A number of years ago I had leaf guards put on my gutters so they wouldn’t have to be cleaned so often. However I found that they created more problems than they solved because sap etc will fall on them and prevent rain from going into the gutters to drain properly. So I had the leaf guards removed the last time they were cleaned.

Now I am trying to decide if I should get new gutters since gutters have been improved since the last time I had my gutters replaced.

What do you think?

I wouldn’t solve a problem unless there’s a problem. Then again, I haven’t even had my gutters cleaned in the 22 years I’ve lived in the house.

I have a 70 year old oak in my front yard and a 70 year old maple in my back. I love the shade that they provide, but if the gutters weren’t cleaned for a year they would be weighed down with so much crap that they might pull away from the house. It’s leaves in the fall and the oak drops this “oak poop” all over the place and THAT really gums up the gutters. I have gutter covers on because I don’t like cleaning guttersl.

No trees, no gutters.

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@jimtoo - Even if there are no trees where you live, what happens to the rain on your roof if you don’t have gutters

We have flat roof, which has a very slight pitch so the water moves to the canales. This isn’t our house, but the canale is similar. We have a dozen on our house.


The water simply flows through the canale and onto the ground. We grow a lot of rocks and gravel here, so there are gravel and rock circles under each of them. I put in some added drainage to move the water a little further away from the house. Our average annual rainfall is about 10 inches, and it tends to come in heavy rainfall of short durations.

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