Ground floor

Butler said he wanted more financial talk. is an interesting platform. It allows you to crowdsource money to flip a home. I’ve been playing with it a bit and the return has been decent. I also bought equity in the company.

You need to think about different ways to invest your money. Since this is risky I’m going slow slow with small sums of cash c

IMO things like this and peer to peer lending seems risky. Although I also thought funding a Payday Loan business would be risky but my brother made huge returns doing that.

Why I’m doing small amounts. So far it’s been good but I’m playing with 200 dollars.

My son at college recently opened a stock account and is looking into p2p lending, I’ll let him know about Ground Floor He wants to do online sports betting but isn’t old enough. His dream job is to be a numbers guy for the mob. (Not really but he’s pretty good with the numbers.}

I found the returns to be better when more reliable then lending club

Lending club I’ve lost money. People take out big loans then bk or just don’t pay. Lending club doesn’t get hard to collect.