I thought I would introduce you to my kids.
Rachel is a Junior in college and plays lacrosse.
Alex leaves for Marine boot camp in the beginning of October.

They both make me proud and exasperated to the Nth degree…often simultaneously.

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Congrats. They look like wonderful people.

Marines. I forget which state but you’re East of the Mississippi? Will he be going to Paris island?

As long as we are bragging.
My daughter just received her first college acceptance letter, waiting on a couple of others. Probably going to go to KU for Bioinformatics (don’t ask me).
My son spent 7 weeks this summer staffing at a Boy Scout camp.


Good luck parrot. My brother is in bio-informatics. His majors for undergraduate were math and physics and he has a PhD in Applied Mathematics. He studied computer science since he was 8 or 9 years old and heavily studied biology and chemistry in graduate school. It’s a really good living because he analyzes the data of people whom work in the lab - but it requires you to be really skilled.

I think the reason why you enter a major is just as important as the major you choose. My cousin who was a theater major, 25 years ago, now has a good living running a local beer barley growing business.

I am n Wisconsin. However he was told that due to his training after bootcamp he is going to San Diego. I’ll believe it when I see the plane ticket.

IT aint braggin if its true!

I was army. I can’t swim well enough to make it through marine corp boot camp. I have never mastered swimming.
People always say I swim well but they are wrong. Lol. I look like I’m drowning.

Wintermute, if I was drafted, the military branch they’d probably put me or that I’d enlist in before being drafted would be the US Airforce. That or a decoy in the US Army. I was never really in shape for the Army or Navy even, nevermind the Marines. I was never much of a runner, at my peak, I could walk a half-marathon or swim a mile. I don’t think I could ever run even an 8 minute mile - more like 11.

I’m in Green Bay right now on Vacation. Having a great time going back on Friday,

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Do you drink beer? If so pick up some spotted cow.

I got a 12 cans of amber from Copper Brewery, I’m getting 3 cases Spotted Cow tomorrow at Costco for trip back. Last year when I was here I went to the tasting room of New Glarus. They are closed for the year because of the virus. I brought home beer then too.

I am bringing home some great chocolate too

I was in Madison earlier this year getting my crossfit cert. I have to say I am not a beer drinker but that is a damn good beer.

Spotted Cow is a damn fine brew, I just drank my last few bottles last weekend. New Glarus has a few other tasty beers, my wife likes their Coffee Stout but I think it’s seasonal.

Is Spotted Cow a Wisconsin thing?
I have never seen it

Yes. When things return to “normal”. I’ll bring you some. Personally I think it a solid beer.

yep got 2 cases spotted cow, one for my son and I to share, one for my boss. I got 2 sampler 12 packs that had 2 women, moon man, october fest, and spotted cow. I’m set for a while

That’s a Friday night.

Just kidding. I’m a light weight when it comes to drinking. I rarely drink.

I can’t get more then a buzz of beer because I get full.

Do you like gin? Missouri has some amazing gin

Gin makes me feel like I at a Christmas tree the next morning.
I am more of a vodka guy myself.
The Kirkland brand is one of the best.

no gin, I like vodka and tequila also burbon

I hate gin but this stuff is amazing.