Gen Z’s Favorite Restaurant Might Surprise You

The only chains my 21 year old goes to is Chipotle and Jimmy John’s, usually he’ll go to mom and pop places. He’s never had Wendy’s or Burger King and tried his first Big Mac a year ago.

I don’t understand why Chic Fil A is so popular, it’s a decent chicken sandwich but the ones I pass are always packed at lunchtime, they even seem to have a decent breakfast crowd.

I am not a Chic Fil A fan, my entire family is so I eat it on occasion.
But we had their breakfast last week and it was amazing.

Moved from Mass to NC in 2006. Never heard of them before. Only been to them twice. Places are always packed when I go by them.

Didn’t think there was anything special about them.

I’ve noticed they do a pretty good morning business, McDonald’s is the king of fast food breakfast. Years ago the old Hardee’s had a solid chicken fried steak biscuit, now they’re part of Carl’s Jr and aren’t in this area anymore.

They are also super organized.
They were one of the first to figure out how wo work through the pandemic.

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