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It is bad enough that there are tons of ads for game apps while playing a game on my iPhone, but now I am also seeing these ads in my Facebook newsfeed and on TV.

It appears that these free iPhone games are very profitable for someone.

I have a few games that I play on my phone, but there is one ad that is little more than spam…Royal Match. Their ads say “no ads”, but if it wasn’t for Royal Match, most games would have far fewer ads. I have a pretty good adblock on my Facebook…“Fluff Busting Purity”. It used to be called Facebook Purity, but FAcebook didn’t like that. The guy who runs the add on keeps up very well, as Facebook changes quite often and this guy gets them corrected in about a day. At any rate, I see very few ads on Facebook.

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I almost think the ads are circular logic.
An ad for a free game, on a free game.
How is that making money?

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@kcflyer - Is this browser extension available for safari

It’s funny what FB thinks I will respond to. A while back, I made a joke post about online dating and also stated with it that I was not likely to be doing that. Now, I’m getting inundated with ads for every online site around.

@mcarley - I am also getting a lot of online dating site ads from Facebook and I think it is because I changed my marital status from married to widowed.

Yeah, it’s like they waited a certain time period, then they really come. But mine really accelerated after I made that joke post a while back.

Also, people don’t know what’s public. I just saw earlier today a FB friend, widowed, probably in his 70s or older, commented on a photo, likely fake, in some group supposedly dedicated to younger women seeking older men. The group appears to be public and his comment asking for more info was available to all his friends.

Yes and no I think…This is on their FAcebook Page - apparently it requires an app that costs $1.99. I’m kind of a nerd and I made several custom changes - it can do a lot of things - but right out of the box I noticed a huge reduction in ads.

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I’ve read somewhere that game designers make the games so addictive that a big percentage of the players will pay the small fee usually $1 or 2 to get rid of the ads. They do add up. I have paid the $1 removal fees sometimes, but it has come out of my Google Rewards account from answering surveys so it was basically free money that I didn’t spend out of my pocket. I use an adblocker on my web browsers.

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